Owner Vincent M. Maggiore

Ever since I can remember, I’ve enjoyed creating art work.  My path towards becoming a sculptor was first inspired by an introduction to sand-cast iron sculpture while studying for my BFA at the University of Iowa’s College of Fine Arts. I continued my studies at Southern Illinois University (MFA) and then attended numerous workshops to learn other metal-casting methods and patina techniques – all of which have contributed to my fascination with the medium.

I have worked in every area of the process from enlargement/point up to basing and installation, including management and production.  I’ve become extremely well-versed in the creation of both abstract and realistic forms, and have had the opportunity to work at several excellent foundries, including; The Bronze Works, Shelton, WA and Shidoni, Santa Fe NM.   Over the years, I’ve expanded my knowledge base by working at other sculpture facilities; working with and for other artists; teaching cast bronze, sand-cast sculpture, and mold making; and through additional training in computer programs and metallurgical workshops.  These varied experiences have increased my confidence and enhanced my ability to complete any project proficiently.

Vince & Shar

Vince & Shar

I am attracted to cracked stone and earth surfaces and the way they react when juxtaposed with smooth, soft surfaces. Certain objects can inspire me and I often use elements of those objects while composing the sculpture. I am not wedded to one style; instead, I allow my creativity, humor, and fascination with life to guide the final composition of all my projects.

Today, my work reflects the endless ways the casting process can be manipulated. Most of the work I do is unique, though I create the occasional series of editions. I’ve done numerous commissions for clients and never cease to be fascinated by the beauty and mysteries created with each work of art.

My spirituality, the positive energy I glean from other artists and the joys and sorrows I derive from people in my life all serve to compliment and strengthen my creative process.