Specializing in foundry services including Metal Fabrication, Patina, Restoration, Custom Design and Sculpting

With over 80 combined years of mastery in casting, fabrication and patina applications we can streamline the creative process of any venture from utilitarian to fine art. As a special service to our artists and clients, we will also work on your behalf with other foundries which allows you, the artist, to focus upon your next creative project.

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Most days here at Rusty Mesa, you can hear the spin of the pneumatic air tool grinding diligently just beyond the gallery door with an acute artistic sense.   

Although we provide a variety of foundry services, our focused expertise is metal work and patina. 

We will weld both in wax and metal the pieces from a large complex sculpture - one before the cast, and the second in metal after being cast.  It is important to create a seamless piece with attention to detail, matching the texture in the metal and leaving a smooth surface for a continued semblance of one complete piece.

I know you will be as impressed with this highly organized, clean and efficient foundry as I am.
— Jill Bentz

We believe patina can either enhance the artist’s vision or distract from the form.  In light of this the patineur must keep in mind the subtly of color and pattern when applying the necessary chemicals.    

Through both hot and cold processes patina can create a variety of effects; creating the look of stone, or emphasizing depth in a textured piece.  Ultimately our goal is to create a dynamic look giving added interest and impact to the piece as a whole.

We invite you to give us an opportunity to bring your big ideas to fruition, by encouraging you to fill out our “request a bid” page.  Please provide us with as much detailed information, so we can
administer the best-suited and comprehensive bid for this project.