We believe patina can either enhance the artist’s vision or distract from the form. 


In light of this the patineur must keep in mind the subtly of color and pattern when applying the necessary chemicals.    

Through both hot and cold processes patina can create a variety of effects; creating the look of stone, or emphasizing depth in a textured piece.  Ultimately our goal is to create a dynamic look giving added interest and impact to the piece as a whole.


Patina samples

About Patina

Heat, light, dilution and saturation of color are factors in creating an exquisite patina finish. How color is applied to metal adds to the complexity and subtlety of the final product. We honor the sculptor’s participation in this last step.

We use a hard sealer to extend the life of the original patina.  Protecting bronze patina from natural hazards such as sun, humid climate and pollutants must be considered to keep the integrity of the finish.  Re- lacquer once a year or wax once in the spring and again in the fall to maintain the beauty of a bronze patina finish.

The natural aging process will create a deepening of the bronze.  There may come a time when a collector wishes to recondition a weathered patina.  A fresh look can add vigor or create a new perception to an older piece.  This can be done on site at Rusty Mesa.

When any sculpture is exposed to the elements, particularly sun and sea air, it must be protected to remain new looking.  Although surface changes will not effect the integrity or value of the bronze.  Some prefer the look of the weathering process, and feel it actually enhances the beauty of the art.